"Trans Expo Odessa 2018"

September 28, 2018
Category: Events

The international exhibition – symposium on shipping, shipbuilding and ports development „Trans Expo Odessa 2018“ took place in Ukraine from 26. till 28.09.18.


First – DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH was present with a stand and the CEO Mr. Viatcheslav Vdovitchenko was invited as speaker at the conference. 

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New bilge water station "Super Cleaner"

September 20, 2018
Category: Events

To replace the existing old bilge water collecting station, we have invested in the reconstruction of a ponton barge to a top modern ponton called "Super Cleaner" with a high quality separator and storage for lubricants and other materials to supply our vessels.

The separator has an impressive productivity, exceeding twofold the required legal norms to the benefit of the environment.

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"cooperation event with the technical museum"

June 12, 2018
Category: Events

First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH provided many pictures of the fleet and special movies to the „technical Museum of Vienna” to extend the exhibition of the inland navigation.


It was an affair of the heart of CEO Mr. Dr. DI Vdovitchenko to bring the inland navigation closer to the people. The technical museum, with an attendance of 390.000 people / year represent an excellent platform for this intention.


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"Inter Transport Odesa"

June 01, 2018
Category: Events

This year the "Inter Transport Odesa" took again place from 30.05. - 01.06.18 in Ukraine. 

To use this good opportunity to get in contact with companies of the transport and logistics sectore Frist - DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH was present with an own stand. Continue reading

Management System EN ISO 9001:2015

April 23, 2018
Category: General

First - DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH group is certified and working according to Quality Management system ISO 9001 since 2002. 

This year we could upgrade the system to the newest standard ISO 9001:2015.

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Further "supersize convoy" Ybbs

April 09, 2018
Category: Fleet

After performing of a test voyage, also our pusher Ybbs is allowed to transport 12 barges in one convoy.

This powerful pusher is able to carry an impressive tonnage of over 20.000 to - which means an exceptional performance. 

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New “project cargo barge” went in operation

January 31, 2018
Category: Fleet

One additional “project cargo barge” went in operation. The special feature of this barge is the extra wide of 10,04 m.


With a length of 67 m and boosted bottom the loading hold is perfect suitable for heavy lift-, oversize- and light cargos and as well for containers (4 rows can be loaded – Total 144 TEU).

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Tags: container project heavy lift extra wide

Annual client and agency events

December 15, 2017
Category: Events

As a meanwhile familiar tradition, we also invited our clients and partners this year to a come-together on our vessel “MS Renaissance”. We are glad to look back on well visited events in Budapest on 06.12.17 and in Vienna on 12.12.17.


This common hours gave us the opportunity to thank our partners for the cooperation of the elapsed year, to improve our relationship and so we are looking forward to a successful year 2018.

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Tags: client events Renaissance

“Bau- und Schifffahrtsbesprechung” of viadonau

November 07, 2017
Category: Events

This year First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH hosted the annual “Bau- und Schifffahrtsbesprechung” of viadonau. We were very glad to provide our historical and careful restored vessel “MS Renaissance” as location for the meeting.

The current development of the inland waterways and the locking operation are only two of many interesting and importing topics of this constructive get-together.

We are looking back on a very positive event with good atmosphere, which improves the cooperation and mutual understanding of all members.

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Tags: Via Donau meeting

“Trans Expo Odessa 2017”

September 27, 2017
Category: Events

First DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH participate on the 14th international exhibition-symposium on shipping, shipbuliding and ports development “Trans Expo Odessa 2017”. 

With more than 160 exhibitors it’s a very important event for this line of business.

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Tags: exhibition Odessa

2 new "Jumbo barges"

September 15, 2017
Category: Fleet

Two new Jumbo barges, each with about 3.400 m³, went in operation. Both barges are covered and provide sufficient place for each high volume cargo. 

The holds are also suitable for grain, due to GMP+ certification.

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Tags: jumbo barges

renewed bunkering base "Möll"

July 26, 2017
Category: Bunker service

After reconstruction of our bunkering base “Möll”, it is placed again on its proper location and started to perform the bunkering service again. 

“Möll” was reconstructed to a double hull vessel and will meet the new legal requirements, which will enter into force as from 2018.

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Tags: bunkerbase double hull

expansion of the service in Ruse

July 17, 2017
Category: General

The cooperation with our partner for bunkering in Ruse “IC Commerce” was developed. Additional to our bunkerservice we can also offer to supply vessels with additives to fuel, lubricating oil, small spare-parts and material in accordance with preliminary orders of the ship-owner.

Also the organization of crews supply and purchase of foodstuffs during bunkering operations will be offered. For this reason a store – house and a car fleet is already in operation.

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Tags: service Ruse

new office "DDSG tower"

June 16, 2017
Category: General

The headquarter of the „First – DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH“ moved from the 5th to the 10th floor of the “Business Center” at Handelskai 384,  into the “DDSG tower”. 

The tower is completely used by “First-DDSG” only. The postal address is without changes.

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Tags: office

“Inter Transport Odessa”

May 31, 2017
Category: Events

From 31.05. – 02.06.17 the “Inter Transport Odessa”, a specialized fair for transport and logistic, took place. 

First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH was present with a big stand and could use this opportunity to get in touch with already existing and new partner.

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Tags: exhibition event

“Transport logistic”

May 10, 2017
Category: Events

Traditionally First-DDSG logistics holding GmbH was participating at the “transport logistic” the leading exhibition for transport, forwarding and logistics in Munich. 

We are looking back on a very successful event, with more than 60.700 visitors. 

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Tags: exhibition event

First "supersize convoy" Dürnstein

March 09, 2017
Category: Fleet

March 2017

The first voyage of our “supersize convoy” was performed by our vessel “Dürnstein” with 12 barges. 

So the capacity of the convoy could be increased from 9 to 12 barges -> means a plus of 33%.

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Tags: fleet big convoy 12 barges

New “reloader ARPAD“ went in operation

March 09, 2017
Category: Fleet

To expand our already existing lightering system, the new “reloader ARPAD“ went in operation. All works were carried out according to the latest environmental, navigating and sanitary norms. 

This reloader enables us, to keep our high service level and transport reliability even in times of shallow water. 

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Tags: fleet cranes lightering reloader

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