Szállítmányozás 2021 konferencia – Freightforwarding conference 2021

Szállítmányozás (Freightforwarding) 2021 Conference was held in Budapest (Danubius Hotel Helia) on 09th December, 2021. between 08.00 and 17.00 hrs with the participation of the 200 leader Hungarian Freightforwarding, River, Rail and Road Transport Companies. There were several roundtables about actual situation and difficulties of marine and river, road, … freightforwardings. The program made the possibilities for personal meetings with the Representatives of inland river and marine ports and with managers of Freightforwarding companies (offering our river transport service for their multimodal transports). Conference was supporetd by DDSG MAHART Kft. as bronze level sponsor. Also DHL, PKP CARGO and MAHART CONTAINER CENTER were bronze level sponsor. Our new brochure was inserted into the gift package of the Participants.