“cooperation event with the technical museum”

First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH provided many pictures of the fleet and special movies to the „technical Museum of Vienna” to extend the exhibition of the inland navigation.

It was an affair of the heart of CEO Mr. Dr. DI Vdovitchenko to bring the inland navigation closer to the people. The technical museum, with an attendance of 390.000 people / year represent an excellent platform for this intention.

On 12.06.18 the management of the museum and of First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH invited to a cooperation event in the “technical museum”.

Together with the director Ms. Dr. Zuna-Kratky and Mr. DI Wolfgang Stritzinger, the responsible manager of the department “aviation and navigation, traffic flow and control systems”, the updated exhibition was visited and some future projects were discussed.

We were also very glad to welcome some retired captains and machinists, which were attending DDSG for so many years.