Using innovative technology and care for the environment is one of our priorities



We are committed to the highest standards of environmental safety, preserving the pristine nature of the Danube and other rivers


  • The company has a vessel inspector, which is regularly visiting the vessels to check the equipment and vessel
  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden on all of our vessels
  • The crew is instructed to wear their personally allotted safety jacket. The jackets are according to the European Standard or to the Standard of the high-sea navigation and will be serviced according to the service interval of the producer
  • Escape and rescue plans are placed on each vessel, where all important information are remarked: entrance / exit, escape, positions of fire-extinguisher and safety jackets
  • We have installed more fire-extinguisher than requested by the low, they will be regularly checked according to the law (latest each 2nd year, on Hungarian vessels each year)
  • Safety buoy and long boats for each vessels
  • First Aid Kits according to norm Z1020 are available on all vessels
  • Multilingual instructions were handed over to our crews how to act in case of special situations like:

Man overboard / fire alert / water penetration / collision / grounding /  prevention environmental pollution

We have two “klima:aktiv” awards from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.
“klima:aktiv” awards


Since many years the company also possesses its own bilge water collection station to collect used engine oil and oily rag in the port of Linz.

To replace the existing old bilge water collecting station, we have invested in the reconstruction of a ponton barge to a top modern ponton called "Super Cleaner" with a high quality separator, where the vessels can dispose bilge water, old lubricants and their waste for waste separation.

The separator has an impressive productivity, exceeding twofold the required legal norms to the benefit of the environment.

The recycling and cleaning station is located on the right bank on the 2127,2 Danube kilometre.

 In addition, the station supplies fresh engine oil in barrels or in bulk as well as other consumable materials.

The separator on «Super Cleaner»
bilge water collection station
ponton called
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